Fishing and hunting in Russia website is quite big community of fishers and hunters from Russian Federation. We publish fishing and hunting news, pictures and videos from the Expos and Business Events around the world.

We have 100 thousand audience in Russia monthly.

Our title TvoyTrofey means “Your Trophy”. Our visitors publishes and we provide news and reports about new and interesting news, events, goods and gadgets for hunting and fishing. Our headquarters is in Moscow, Russia.

Our target is to create international community in hunting and fishing. We have collected quite big audience already in Russia. We are collecting the experience in business relations. Our purpose is to get unique experience. And use in for the purpose of development. Make money and invest it to further development.

Contact us if your hobby or business is hunting or fishing. This could be the beginning of very prospective cooperation:


Phone +7 (985) 246-1577 Alex

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